Fickle Flip Flops Brings Real Beauty To Your Feet

Charleston Flip Flops

Our flip flops are made in the USA in Charleston, South Carolina.

Custom Flip Flops

10 colors to choose from and special designs that enable you to have flip flops that express you.

Wonderful Gifts

Give that unexpected gift – Fickle Flip Flops to your friends.  We also have gift certificates available.

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About Our Custom Made
Fickle Store Flip Flops

We offer a one of a kind, hands-on experience, that will change the way you buy flip flops.

You are able to personalize, customize and let your creativity run away with itself.  Once you have made your selections, we will bring your creation to life and send them ASAP! 

You will be able to show off your personal designer flip flops!  How cool is that?!?!

“Under the Sea”

“King Streets”


Pre-Designed Fickles

We took the guess work out with these Pre-Designed Flip Flops….Just tell us your size.

“Perfectly Pineapple”

“Folly Fickle”

“Salt Life”

Create Your Own Personal Flip Flops

Custom Designed Fickle Flip Flops

Common Excuses For Not Wearing Flip Flops

The “I Can’t Wear Flip Flops” Stigma

We hear this all the time.  What does it mean?  It means that the “universal” flip flop doesn’t feel good on the foot.  The toe thong rubs or the foot doesn’t stay put.  Everyone’s feet are different!


Here at the Fickle store, we offer three different style cuts for the base itself.  There are three sized straps as well as a wide strap option for larger shoes sizes.  This gives the reality of finding the exact right fit. 


We also offer the option of adding fashionable ribbons to the flip flop, which doubles as added flair and cuteness to the flip flop, but also helps to secure the flip flop to the foot.

The “Blowout”

A common problem with the “universal” flip flop is the blow out of the toe area.  This happens for several different reasons. One reason is that the base of the flip flop dries out and cracks.  Our base is designed not to dry out due to it being one of the densest foams on the market.  Another reason for the pulling out of the strap is due to the generalized strap size putting unnecessary tension on the strap.  This can cause the overall make-up of the flip flop to be unforgiving since they do not “give” while walking. 


Our straps are made of a PVC-rubber blend which gives great strength and flexibility.  Having the right size flip flop also lessens the possibility of the toe folding back on itself, which can also cause the toe portion to blow out from the base. 

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